Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The last few busy days

It has been a very busy last few days, what with the move for my friend Wesley which took two days, invitations to lunch, dinner and tea.  I also had a guest myself on Sunday for lunch.

Tomorrow will be my last appointment I have to go to and then I plan to work on paper work which I have shamefully neglected.

I shall be glad to be home with nowhere to go for a while.  I am going with my friend to Martini Night at the Club (I don't drink) but I am sure that they will have soft drinks as well  I thought I would like to have one more experience of a social event before joining the Club.  I have been most impressed so far.

I have some good news - my son will be returning to Canada earlier than I thought.  I thought he might stay until the visa expired.  I learned that last night when I had a long chat with him on Skype.

I shall be glad to see him back in Canada wherever he will go.  Sometimes one has to leave a country to really appreciate the wonderful things of one's own country.

Yesterday was a splendid day for me. My pal Asma came and we were so lucky to get one of the three parking spots downstairs.  My parking spot is quite difficult to get to as it is on the roof and it is two way traffic which is a little more difficult as it goes around in circles and you have to keep on honking.

We always have such a good time together and we are so very close which is a blessing for both of us I am sure.  We ate at the Afghani place in the mall and we plan to do this for each visit as it is a real treat for her to have this kind of food.

I will be editing her book for her and she insists on paying me.  That is very kind of her but I would have done it for free as we are pals.  I also will start my new job as Advertising Manager/Public Relations person some time next week.

This year is shaping up nicely, my son returning, my good friends, plans to join a very nice club and living in a good place.  I am so blessed.

New Year's day at Andrew and Rahel's

My pal Asma at my place

This is such a nice picture of my friend

Enjoy your day, and thanks for dropping by.

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