Thursday, December 29, 2011

Mission Accomplished

It took two days but our mission to help a friend was very successful.  We just had enough money to pay for all the expenses,  and two great fellows to do the heavy lifting.

Naturally, I did what I could.

We celebrated with a Family lunch from Swiss Chalet.  I took some pictures at this time.

Hadi (tourquoise sweater) Hosea, coloured shirt, Wes green shirt.

Joan came to help from Wes's old building.

Wes, our friend whom we moved.

Me, putting out the goodies.
 It was a pretty tough two days I must say but Wes is in a better building now and will be much better able to cope with the accessibility that is there.  Thanks to Mayor Ford's intervention, Paula in Housing, Frank the Manager at his old building and all the donations which people so generously gave, a very happy outcome has happened.

He will spend New Year's in a new place where he has space, is able to get around better and he knows some nice people as well.

God is so gracious and so good.  He paved the way and even when it looked like we would have to continue working all night, He opened the door to keep the truck so we could rest and finish off the job the next day.  There was no $475 ticket on the rental truck as no police ticket people came around and the superintendent and the key man were super to all of us.  They could not have been nicer.

I am well pleased and thankful to God for this successful move.

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