Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Decorations at Jackson's Square

I went over to Jackson's Square today to get some card stock as well as some bright cherry red paper.

Japan camera had tested my camera for me over night and it is fine.  It must have been a fluke those two messages.

They showed me that it was working fine by taking a picture of me.  Obviously it is working great.

Since I had my camera on me, I went around to some of the displays in Jackson's Squares and took some shots.

A very friendly and jovial St. Nicholas

A side view - there was a young person there taking photos  of Santa for sale

The other side of the same picture

This is through a glass window

Other side of the window above. It did not turn out so well.

Good old St. Nicholas was having a ball talking to people as he pranced around the mall after closing his gate.  I enjoyed just watching him interact with the children plus people just sitting around on the benches.  He brought some smiles to faces which was nice.

Tonight, I have an invitation to a friend's house for supper which I am looking forward to.

Have a great day.

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