Thursday, December 15, 2011

An update on Wes

My heart is singing with joy and relief.  The news I heard was good.  It was my friend Wes's voice on my voice mail telling me that he now has the keys for his new one bedroom apartment. He will sign the lease shortly.

I cannot thank God enough, Mayor Ford of Toronto (Emily his Admin. Assistant)  and all those donors who contributed to help this disabled man.

Without this assistance, this dear fellow would be stuck in his small cramped bachelor flat in a building where he is very vulnerable.

His new building will be safer and he will have more space.  He knows one lady there already and this is a big plus as he may need further amputations in the future.  He is doing everything to help himself, including packing ever so slowly sitting in his wheelchair.  My hat is off to him!

Now the hard part starts.  Moving day will be Dec. 28th.  The two (hopefully 3) gentlemen who will be assisting me in this move, will pick me up and we will go into Toronto by car to pick up the reserved truck.

God bless those men, I cannot do it by myself and I appreciate them so much.

I have kept a careful tab of all donations given by people and when the move is over, I will send thank you notes.

These people have given hope to a man with serious health issues who is all alone in this world.

I have always known that no action that helps another soul, goes unrewarded by God and these people will be blessed in so many ways, but particularly by spiritual growth.

What a joyous day it has turned out to be in spite of the drizzle, wind gusts, and gloom.

Thanks for dropping by and come again when you have the time.  Have a great day!


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