Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A nice evening with Jody

Jody picked me up after school and we made her way through all the traffic to Westdale.  I love the way she has decorated her house - very tasteful and quite elegant.

She has her Christmas tree up and other lovely Christmas things in the sitting room area.

We had a tasty dinner together which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Jody and Ava

Jody near her very cute tree

This looks so friendly  to me.

Candle decoration on the dining room table.

Ava on her special blanket on the sofa

I tried to catch the reflection of Jody's tree in her living room windows.

Her house looks great, all finished on the first floor and quite a bit done in the basement. It has been a long haul for her but now it is looking like a real home.

It just shows that with will power, people who know how to renovate, miracles can happen.  What a difference from my first visit there in June!

Well done Jody!

Thanks for reading my blog.  Drop by  another time if you have the time.

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