Saturday, December 10, 2011

Tower Poetry Society Christmas Party 2011s

It was a cold and crisp day, no snow in the forecast when I stepped outside my door to wait for my friend Jeff to pick me up in his car.  As I walked over to our pick up spot where it is safe to wait for a few minutes, I saw four pigeons and one sparrow pecking at some bread on the road. They were good candidates for speeding cars to knock them off their perch permanently!

I saw one young man get out of his car, and shoo them away but as soon as he drove off, they went back to the spot and began pecking at the food again.  I saw that the traffic light was red so I tried to scare them away from the spot, but alas they went back again.  I tried to loosen the food from the ground with my cane but it was frozen right into the pavement.

It reminds me of children who are warned many times of danger by their parents, but instead of heeding, they go back and do the same dangerous things.  It seems that the birds may have the same problem as humans!

We drove out to Stoney Creek which is part of Hamilton but very far away from downtown!  Our hosts have a lovely house right on the water and I took quite a few water shots.

Jeff knows I love to being by the water and so we went right to a lovely spot where we could park and take some shots.

Lake Ontario - Lower Stoney Creek

Another shot of the same area where we stopped

It definitely was not the day to linger too long at the waterfront, as it was very nippy down there.  I did enjoy it very much though and appreciated that he stopped and showed me the area.

There are so many beauty spots in Hamilton that I have not seen yet and will look forward to visiting one day.

We arrived at our hosts and I had brought almond cookies (home made) and everybody seemed to take one so I assume they were okay.

We had some poetry reading and I read my poem about Gore Park and the Christmas excitement there.

Others also shared their work which I enjoyed.  There was no critiquing as it was a party so it was a very relaxed event.

I enjoyed a delicious cup of hot cider when we first arrived and it just helped so much to warm me up.

A scene from their back yard - Lake Ontario

The centerpiece of our hosts table

I love this wonderful candle with the handcrafted wreath created by our hostess Valerie

It was a wonderful afternoon spent with compatible people, relaxing with lots of chuckles and merriment.  Norm took a group picture which I hope to get a copy of eventually.  He has a really fancy camera so it will be a lovely shot.  Several of our members were missing due to other commitments.

Our next big event will be the launch of the next Anthology in January which will be in Carnegie Gallery in Dundas, Ontario.

Thanks to our gracious hosts who provided our venue for this year's party.  It was a wonderful party.

Thanks for dropping in at my blog and come back another time if you would like.

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