Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The big day tomorrow - moving day

The weatherman is calling for fast freeze tomorrow so that is not a good thing for a move, especially since we are coming from another city to help this gentleman move.

Ah well, we will just have to proceed cautiously.

Today I went to a Walk-in-clinic to speak to the doctor about the horrible rash on me.  He has prescribed two powerful meds to put on so hopefully that will do the trick.  He says if it doesn't help, he will send me to a skin specialist.

I really liked this older doctor, he seemed like sthe old fashioned doctor who cares about his patients.  I hope I would get him again if I need to go back.

For those who read this blog outside of Ontario, a Walk-in-Clinic is a place staffed with medical doctors and the patient can walk in and see a doctor without an appointment. All you need is a valid health card.  These clinics are relatively new.  So many people don't have a regular family doctor.This is helping look after those people rather than them having to go to Emergency and tie the place up for minor things..

This is my second visit to one, the first was in June after my fall and I could not get to see my family doctor for several weeks so I went there, the second was today and I had tried to get my doctor but to no avail.  It is holiday time in Canada right now.

I do have an interesting experience to relate.  Nothing to do with the medical clinic.  I needed to go to the bank to take out some money for the trip tomorrow and the banks are closed today still so I went to the banking machine at King and James.  The door was unlocked and I saw an old fellow sitting on the stoop inside singing his heart out.  It was obvious that he had had too much to drink but he was not a mean drunk so I was not worried.  I did my business that I needed to do while he continued to sing and then I said goodbye and wishes him a good day.

It was a risk to take, but I needed to get cash for the trip. I figured he was so mellow that he wouldn't move and that is exactly what happened.

I bet he is still singing his little heart out, not feeling any pain.  He must be lonely poor soul.  Some men have nobody who cares what happen to them.  A woman alone is much better at coping I have found.  She has her friends, her hobbies and her housekeeping.

I was thinking that if CIBC knew that the door was unlocked, they would not care for that as it would scare most customers away seeing a drunk person inside. I tried to contact them to let them know that the door was unlocked but was unable to get anybody.

Life's little surprises, once again.

Have a great day and thanks for dropping by.

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