Sunday, December 25, 2011

A wonderful, unexpected invitation for Christmas afternoon

What a lovely surprise I had today when Kathy invited me over Facebook to come to their place for the afternoon.  I was very touched.  She came and picked me up  and we had a delightful afternoon together.  It was so nice to be invited.

Chris's mother Irmgard also came a little later on and I enjoyed meeting her.  She is a lovely lady.

It was great to be around children at Christmas again.  It has been so many years since I have had that pleasure

Needless to say, I took pictures and here they are:

Cassie and Daddy Chris

Grandmother Irmgard and family

a nice family shot

Another shot

Thanks to their invitation, I had a lovely afternoon.  I enjoyed myself very much.

My friend will not be able to come tomorrow as she has a bad cold so it is doubly special that I had such a nice visit today.


Kate's Blog said...

Enjoyed having you too Wilma. Julia calls you "Modern Gramma" because you are great with digital camera and computer. I just showed the girls are family on your blog. I will take a picture of the girls with their jewelry tommorrow they are going to my sisters and they want to wear it.
Merry Christmas,
Christian, Kathy, Julia and Cassandra and Irmgard "Oma" Fruck xoxo

annaken said...

I shall look forward to seeing the picture with the girl's new jewellery.