Sunday, December 4, 2011


Today could not have been nicer for me.  In spite of the rain this afternoon, my spirit is bubbling over with joy.  It is such a wonderful feeling.

My temperament is normally very even keeled, but today was such a joyous day for me that I feel like I am floating on a cloud. I spent about an hour and a half with a dear little girl who is disabled and we read together.  We had fun and she wants to do it again. That shows me that she enjoyed herself and felt comfortable with me.I will make the time to try to spend time with her once a month. I have done reading  with the children at the Hamilton Public Library for several summers and enjoyed it as well.

If I had the time, I would volunteer to read with grade school children here in Hamilton.  It was all set up for me to begin in North York when I had a health setback and I moved to Hamilton to be.near my son.  I even had a little Spanish speaking girl assigned to me.  I would have gone into the school and the child and I would have had time together, one on one, learning to read.

Working with children has always been a joy to me.  I spent 5 years working in the LINC programme
for the Toronto District School.  I loved being with children and it was a special joy for me when they
understood an idea.  It was as if a light switch would go on.  Imagine yourself in a foreign country, not speaking the language and being with children who all spoke different languages.  Many would look very  different from what you were accustomed to. It was so wonderful to see these little ones adapt so well to each other, play together and communicate in so many different ways.  One thing I really miss is the hugs I used to get from the children!

For  those unfamiliar with LINC, it is a free service for newcomers which help them adapt to a new way of life here in Canada as well as teaches them English.  It really is a help to people coming here.  Fifty years ago, when my friend came from Denmark there was no such help and they spoke only Danish at that time.  It was a real struggle for them.  However, they persevered and did very well in Canada.

After our reading time together, her parents came back and we all went to Gore Park together to see the Christmas decorations, the train and the merry go round.  They participated in the reading session for a little while and we all had a good time together.  I was very proud of my little pupil.  She did very well.

Cassie on the merry go round with her big sister Julia
It was great fun for me to see the children enjoying themselves so much.  I took quite a few shots but have only a few on this blog.
The three teenagers squeezed into the caboose.

Mommy having a great time herself!  (Kathy)
 Kathy's husband Chris is a real gem.  Quiet but so steady and kind.  What a blessing that they have found each other. I really respect and appreciate how good he is with his wife and children.

After our fun time at Gore Park, they left to go home and I came back home to do some washing  and make something to eat before going out again tonight.

This could not have been a nicer day for me.

The Manger Scene at Gore Park

Me, dressed for outdoors with our building Christmas tree.

Thanks for dropping by and come back again when you have the time please.


Kate's Blog said...

Dear Wilma
Thanks for taking time to read with Cassie. Cassie is still wondering why the hair jumped on the guys bottom. A good sign that she is thinking about the story today. I think the wonderful way your read, and use different voices makes it fun. The outing to Gore Park was really fun. Loved seeing Hamilton from your rooftop as well. See you again soon. Kathy

annaken said...

Thank you for your kind comments Kathy. It was my pleasure reading with Cassie. I hope to do it once a month with her if you would like. Just like today.