Friday, December 9, 2011


Yesterday was very cold but clear and I went to see Anna and Bill in Kitchener.   The ride up there was wonderful, I haven't been there for a few months and as always, enjoy going through the countryside.

I really love the route from Hamilton to Kitchener as it meanders through little country towns.  I see the occasional cow or horse, lots of lovely farmland and patches of forest where the sun does not seem to shine.  With my great imagination, I visualize walking in those patches of forest, communing with the animals who reside there, and just enjoying the feeling of oneness with God's creation.

I feel so "at home" when I walk in nature.  Even though, this time, it was an imaginary walk, I still enjoyed it!

It was a very smooth ride to Kitchener and we made terrific time.  The bus was not even a quarter filled and I would imagine that the company lost money on that trip.  I always take the 10:30 bus as it takes an hour and a half to get there.

Bill met me at the Kitchener station and we had to wait for the next No. 15 bus to go up to their new area.  That bus only runs every half hour.

When we arrived home, they opened their Christmas presents  that I brought for them and seemed to like them.  I was glad as I tried to pick thing which are practical and yet pretty.

Bill took me back to the bus station and waited with me until the Hamilton bound bus came in.  He was able to get his own bus back at 4:30 which worked out very well for everybody.  The bus home was a much longer ride as the traffic was quite heavy.  It was dark by that time so saw many Christmas lights on the houses.  I really like the animals that are lit up.  They seem to be made with some type of wire and I think they are very elegant.  Gore Park has some as well.  The ride home was smooth and very soothing as it was dark out and the lights in the bus were turned down.

All in all, a nice visit.   I'll go up again once the warmer weather comes back.

Thanks for dropping by.

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