Saturday, December 3, 2011

Bibles and Bagels Group Annual Dinner Out

Once a year, our group gets together to enjoy a restaurant meal.  This year, we decided to go to a Thai restaurant in Dundas, Ontario.

It was a good choice as the food was delicious and the servers were very attentive.  We had a table for the ten of us in the back of the restaurant.  There also was another large group there as well.

The restaurant was packed even at 6 p.m.  They must do a tremendous amount of business and I have to give them credit for their cleanliness, especially in the washroom.

It was a fairly dim light in there so my pictures are not the best unfortunately.  This little camera seems to be much more of an outdoor camera than for taking shots indoors.

I arrived late as there was a mix-up between a friend and myself as to where I should stand to be picked up.  Unhappily, we did not connect so I went back home, warmed up and called the HSR to see when the next bus would arrive.  I got the nicest lady who told me on the internet the Dundas bus that goes to Head Street is under the Number 5 line.  She also told me that I can still buy the seniors pass at the Go Station. The bus to Dundas runs only every half hour and then after 7, I believe it changes to once an hour. On Sunday it runs only once an hour, but I am not sure what happens on Saturday.

 My next bus was at 6:30 and it is about a half hour ride to Dundas.  The actual bus is No. 52 and says "Head Street" on it.  It is very confusing to me as there is another Dundas bus which does not go downtown Dundas!  By mistake I got on that one time during the day and ended somewhere in the country. I just stayed on the bus and did not dare get off until it took me back to downtown Hamilton. I saw lots of beautiful country places so it was a good experience in spite of my mistake.

 The lady told me my next bus would be at 6:30. I arrived a little after 7 p.m. at the restaurant..

For those interested who are reading this from other countries, HSR stands for Hamilton Street Railway and is the local bus service.  Most of their buses are accessible and people with walkers, scooters, wheelchairs and 4 feet canes can ride on them for free. I find that a huge plus in their favour.Seniors are also very well treated here in Hamilton, with a bus pass for $18.00 a month, unlimited travel within the Hamilton greater area.  At age 80, seniors get a free pass.

We had a really great time at the restaurant.  I sat next to Janet and we had lots of chuckles.  I handed out my new business card to everybody at the table.

My friend took me home.  My only problem with the restaurant was that it was very noisy as it was so full and I could not hear very well.  However, any restaurant would be the same.

I would recommend this restaurant for its good food and good serving staff.  It is near the corner of King and Sydenham in the downtown Dundas area.  The ambiance is good, the portions a fair size but perhaps a little too expensive.  I think that they charge a little more because it is in one of the more expensive sections of Hamilton to live.

Very nice for a special treat

This is the name of the restaurant and its phone number.

Bangkok Spoon Deluxe
57 King Street West
Dundas, ON
L9H 1T5

Telephone #             905 628-8808      

Have a great day and thanks for dropping by my blog.  Come again when you find the time.

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