Saturday, January 28, 2012

Jody and I at the Club

We had a great time visiting and catching up with everything.  She seemed quite at ease in the Club and quite "at home" which was important to me.  I want my guests to feel welcome.

Jacqueline was our server again and, as usual, she was marvelous.   She always calls me by my Ms. ____ and I asked her if she wouldn't mind calling me by my first name.  Ms. sounds like a busy bee to me.

Our reservation was for six p.m. and Jody parked in my parking spot which made it better for everybody as she did not have to search for street parking.

I have not put up my "for rent" sign again.  There are two signs up right now. I think I will wait until they take their signs down.

In some ways, I like to have it available for my own guests who come as parking downtown is costly.

Back to our outing at the Club.  After we enjoyed our very filling dinner (both of us took home doggy bags)
we sat in one of the lounge areas and enjoyed chatting.  Jacqueline came over and asked if we wanted anything  and offered water so I took water.

Jody and I in one of the dining room

Lamb dinner - fit for a king or queen

Lamb dinner

Jody's choice 

The food doesn't look very much the way they arrange it, but once you get into eating, it is huge portions.  I may just order half portions for myself from now on (if I remember).

I love the atmosphere in the Club and am getting to know some people now through Martini Night.

It is a very cozy place and yet elegant at the same time.

Thanks for dropping by.

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