Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tea and goodies at the Club today

I have been too busy in the last few days to go to the club.  My friend Elizabeth told me that Tom
McQuesten,of the famous McQuesten family of Hamilton, was a member of this club while he lived and that she would love to see it.  Liz is a fellow poet from Poetry Center and I have known her many years now.  I see a lot of her in the summer where she serves a delightful tea at an outdoor concert here in Hamilton.

Naturally, I invited her for tea and we had a most delightful time together.  She was most impressed by the ambianceof the place as well as the good service that Jacqualine gave us.

I knew that she would enjoy having a momento of the occasion so took some shots with my ever ready camera.

Liz, enjoying her sorbet

Tea anybody?

Just herbal tea for me alas -  it was excellent though.

Near one of the fireplaces
She was most impressed and had a good time for which I was glad.

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