Monday, October 5, 2009

A pleasant evening at Lit Live

Sunday was a lovely day for me. Went to see some folk at St. Paul's and enjoyed chatting with them, brought Kevin back home with me for a light lunch and then after he had gone, rested for an hour or so and made some jewellery. Had a nice chat with one of my girlfriends and then left for Lit Live about 7 o'clock.

This girlfriend suggested that I write narrative poetry as she said the other poems without the articles do not sound like me. I couldn't agree more!

I enjoyed writing "My Journey" which also was like a story. I also know that I had the most pleasure in writing my murder mystery poem as it had a real story in it. I think she may have hit the nail on the head when she observed that.

Poetry today does not seem to use the articles and I had to try and learn to go against all normal appropriate prose writing methods. I have to say that it still does not feel "right" in my own ears. When the poems are read at the ladies group I go to, they are always rhyming poems and very beautiful. They please my ear.

I shall try writing a narrative poem about the picture in Carnagee Gallery. I have only a few days left to do it.

Now, back to Sunday night. I read the third prize winners story and it went over very well with several people commending me on how well I read.

I asked Chris to help me up to the stage and also down so I would not have to use my cane. That worked very well. Chris is such a dear fellow!

Mohammad came as soon as he got back from his bridge game in Burlington but he missed my story as I had already finished reading. He seemed so happy to see me and said it had been just too long" since we have seen each other. He is liking his new apartment and he said that the people in his new building seem quite friendly. He tells me that he has a small balcony and also that Olga has moved as well.

Irene also came, but also later on.

We all walked home together.

All in all, a very good day for me!

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