Saturday, October 3, 2009

A visit to the Hamilton General

It was so good to see my pal. She was sitting up in a chair and her colour was good. She has even gone for walks, but with a walker to steady her. Considering that her operation was on Monday, she is doing marvelously well!

She did not want a telephone nor a television as it would just disturb her. A sensible decision and what she chose for herself.

She was in a ward of 4 beds, thankfully all women. In Quebec they now have men and women in the same ward which one of my girlfriends there found her awkward.

She had the same surgery as my friend here and she was sent to a French speaking convalescent hospital but she was so lonely that she checked herself out eventually.

My friend here will be going home either tomorrow or Monday and her daughter will stay with her for awhile.

It was great to see her!

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