Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Thanksgiving E.L.W. potluck

A lovely decoration for Fall in the church hall.

Thanksgiving Potluck – E.L.W. October 20,2009

The day could not have been nicer as the E.L.W. ladies gathered together in the Church Hall for their annual potluck luncheon to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Happy chatter filled the room as people lined up to pick from the delectable array of home cooked food set before their appreciative eyes.

Individual tables, decorated with fall leaves and white mums with greenery graced the cream coloured tablecloths. It was very well attended with a wonderful variety of food.

After the main course, a programme of hymns, poetry and a short talk by Pastor Frank was held. Once the business meeting was finished as well, the desert table was laid out and people helped themselves to a scrumptious feast of sweets.
All in all, another success story for the E.L.W.

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