Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area

Another gorgeous view!

Carol, James and me

Carol, James and Jeff

This is such a peaceful scene to me. Leaves on the ground, tall trees reaching up to heaven, the rustle of feet tramping through the forest, what more delightful thing can there be!

One of my favourite kind of trees - Birch bark tree.

I thought this view was lovely, observe the mist.

Jeff, on one of the many rocky parts, in the mist.

Note the rugged look and rock formation.

Part of the floral arrangement at the entrance to the Conservation Area.

What a misty day it was! Some drizzle, a glimpse of the sun momentarily, fine mist and warm weather! Lovely!
Jeff picked me up for our group outing to the conservation area. It is in the Halton area of Ontario and not too far from us.
When the other two folk got there in Carole's car, we paid our entrance fee and went in. While we were waiting for them to arrive, we drank the coffee I brought in my trusty little thermos.
I must say that coffee outdoors is such a treat!
Although the ground was rough in many parts, with the help of my friends and my trusty cane, I was able to do much of the trail. What a real treat for me! I haven't been in a Conservation Area for years and years and being close to nature is what I really love.

I love being in nature, particularly in the Fall Season. We were alone in the area for the longest time and the natural hush around us was much appreciated by me.

It refreshed my spirit and calmed my soul. Just what I needed!
We got back after six p.m., tired but very happy! All in all, a splendid day spent with compatible people in a wonderful outdoor setting.

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