Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A very delicate situation

An old friend of mine in Toronto has six months to live, if that. This gal and I used to push our baby sons in their respective strollers and we were neighbours for many, many years.

Cancer and smoking is claiming another life. My son and her son have remained good buddies over the years and I now have her phone number so I can call her. What a blessing it is that I have free long distance with Cogeco. I can listen for hours.

The only stipulation that her son had when giving out his Mom's phone number was that I did not suggest ways that she can beat the cancer.

It seems that her friends have been telling her of different ways to beat it. The doctor has definitely said this is the end. From what my son tells me, she has accepted this.

I see my role as a listener and as a friend to reminisce with when we all lived on Gulliver and the children were small. I hope to bring back many happy memories for her.

I am glad that Ricky is so protective of his Mom. He has been a marvelous friend to my son all these years. He will need emotional support once his Mom has gone.

I will be there for my friend for as long as she wants.

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