Saturday, September 26, 2009

First Saturday in the Fall Season

The leaves are starting to turn, the air has taken on a new briskness and people are walking faster in order to get to their destination. Not so many people sitting at Gore Park either.

Could it be that Fall has finally arrived?

"Fall" or more eloquently named "Autumn" means so many things which are wonderful. Cool crisp air at night better for sleeping; walks in parks or on nature trails, fallen leaves rustling under sensibly clad feet, jackets buttoned up to the chin, gloves on hands, necks wrapped in colorful scarves, walking stick in hand, what more wonderful way to spend time than this?

Apples straight from the farm, purchased at the Farmer's Market, their crisp and juicy interior something to be savoured and treasured, plums with their dark purple exterior and their yellow interior, sweet to the taste, their juice running down onto fingers and arms, freshly dug potatoes and yams from local farmer's fields, all these things bring such pleasure at this time of year.

Fall is my favourite season here in Canada. For those people who live in warmer climates, I have been told that folks from warmer places who immigrate here, that one of the most beautiful things they enjoy is the changing colours of our trees in this season. I recall my own Grandfather, an immigrant himself, remarking about the leaves when I was a young thing.

What more can one say about this beautiful season in Canada? For those lucky enough to be here, I would say, just enjoy it to the fullest and give thanks to the Creator who shows His love to all of His creation so many ways.

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