Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labour Day

The fishing folk at Hamilton Harbour - Pier 8
My favourite places - under trees in the summer months! View of the fishing side of Pier 8.

What lovely weather it was this whole weekend. I think our summer has come in September rather than June, July and August!

I decided to go down to Pier 8 about 12 noon and I brought my thermos of coffee, nibbles, my book, and my comfortable chair and spent many hours there.

In fact, I did not get back until after 7 p.m.
The water was wonderful, lapping gently against the cement walls, sailboats with their sails flapping, people lying on the ground getting the sun, folks walking on the paved path. I love to people watch and it gives me ideas for writing as I observe life.

I enjoyed seeing a Chinese young couple with their mother dog and two pups and how well they treated them. You could see the devotion on both sides, human and animal.

About 3 p.m. I moved my chair into more shade again and saw Mohamed coming down the path from the Discover Center. What a nice pleasant surprise!

We spent the rest of the time together and he walked me to my door, even pulled my little cart for me! He certainly knows how to be a gentleman and is a very respectful person.

We went over to the side where people fish. There were some fair sized fish caught and from what I observed, they were let go back into the water for which I am most thankful.

One cannot eat the fish due to pollution so why not let them live?

What a lovely, relaxing way to spend the day!

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