Sunday, September 20, 2009

Story Telling Event at Westfield Village

The schoolbuses from Jody's school which brought up to Westfield from the car park. Very, very well organized event~
My pal Jennifer at the covered bridge

Visualize a horse with blinkers on, trotting through this covered bridge. There were horse droppings there on the pathway as we trot our way onto the bridge.

A fashionable lady of that time. She has designed her own ensemble, including her hat.

Monique and I outside the General Store.

The family hearth - families would gather around this to tell stories, to sing and the enjoy each other's company on those cold, windy winter days.

Ah, domestic bliss in early Canada.

The Woman of the house and her sewing corner. How very cozy it looks!

In a child's bedroom at Westfield Village - note the wonderful little doll!
The day was a day in September to be remembered not only for the blue skies, the wispy white clouds, the wonderful weather, but for the happy faces which greeted us as we drove into the huge parking lot set aside for this event.

After parking the car, Jennifer, Monique and I went onto a yellow school bus which took us down dirt roads and through wonderful old trees which canopied the road.

Our excitement rose as we stepped through the gates of Westfield Village which is a restoration of life in early days in this country. It felt like we were transported into another century with the ladies in their very beautiful long gowns and pretty bonnets, the gentlemen all dressed as befitted their station in life. Even young children were represented as they also played out their roles in the human drama of village life.

It was a wonderful opportunity for young families to see life as it had been in yesteryear and to touch and feel different arts and crafts which were the normal way of life at that time.

Many events were scheduled, such as a poet singing his songs and also one could listen in to storytellers and visit the many wonderful buildings at this site.

My two friends had never been there before but this was my second visit and I enjoyed it just as much the second time around.

I particularly enjoyed seeing the domestic life and had the pleasure of talking to the enactors and observing their wonderful skill at crafting beautiful garments on spinning wheels, sewing machines, and out of leather. It was very interesting to hear how the cobblers made shoes to last in those days!

My enjoyment was doubled when I saw the old fashioned telephone which I myself have used as a child and loved!

What more can one say about a perfect day with great company and fine weather?

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