Sunday, September 13, 2009

A nice day today

What a lovely time I had at St. John's today. It was a combined English/German service and lasted two hours. I brought an Egyptian friend with me and he enjoyed it very much.

After the service, they had a BBQ but for those who cannot stand too long, they brought the food inside so that we could enjoy it too.

My friend did not stay for the BBQ as he had to go to Burlington to meet his bridge club friends.

Also, another great thing that happened today was that Ken called on his SKYPE phone and I could hear every word, which is terrific. He also sent me some pictures of his wonderful new apartment in an old house with a tourit. His roommate is of Pakistani-Polish descent but born in Canada and they both have similar educational backgrounds in Political Science.

The new place is only 15 minutes walk to his new job which starts tomorrow.

I think things are starting to turn around for him and that he had no choice but to move to another city to get work. May he prosper and be happy there.

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