Sunday, September 27, 2009

A lovely summer afternoon spent with friends

My friend Rosie is going in for major surgery tomorrow so her daughter and her husband and I took her out for lunch to Williams Pub at Pier 8. We had a delightful time except for the wasps who seemed to take a delight in partaking of our food!

The restaurant was full and there were only spaces outside. The soups that three of them ordered were huge and looked very delicious and my scrambled eggs and toast were good too.

I might have the Penne sandwich next time as it is vegetarian and on very thin grilled toast.

While we were sitting out there, who did we see but my friend Mohammad. He had already gone bye when I saw him so I could not attract his attention to bring him over to sit with us.

We went for a short walk after we ate but he must have left as we did not see him.

We had a good time and it was such a delight to be in Denise and Lester's company. While we were there we bumped into two others friends as well.

Hamilton is a small town, in so many ways!

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