Saturday, September 19, 2009

An interesting but tiring day

I haven't slept well for the last two days but in spite of that, I went to the ladies breakfast meeting today. As usual, I had a nice time.

My friend Gordon picked me up and we had a nice visit at his place. He showed me his deceased wife's wonderful figures that she made and also her paintings and at the same time showed me his digital photos which are amazing.

We talked about two hours and found that we had quite abit in common which was very nice. He is a very respectable gentleman and is from Montreal like me. He drove me to the Westdale Library just in time for the poetry meeting.

We had a few new people this time which is good and two young people which is great. I found it interesting that Cathy came - it was quite a surprise. I did not know she was interested in poetry. My friend Irene came and she enjoyed being there so hopefully she will come again.

They made a few suggestions about my poem and generally they seemed to like it which is nice.

It was a little sad for me to be at Westdale since I can see where Kenny used to live from the front door. I am adjusting but still have my moments of sadness. Godon was extremely understanding of how I felt and very supportive which I really liked.

I think we could become good friends eventually as we have a lot in common.

Tomorrow I shall be going with Jennifer and Monique to a storytelling event at Westfield Village and it sounds very nice.

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