Thursday, October 17, 2013

Ninety people have looked at the blog

I am so pleased with the result of putting some information on my blog about the Lutheran sweater drive which is going on right now to obtain sweaters for Syrian refugees.

There has been 90 people look at it since I put it on a few days ago.  I also put it on Facebook and some friends are taking up the cause and collecting in their areas.

The power of communication can be used for good or evil. In this case, it is used for good to help people.

Well done friends!

"Brighten the corner where you are" is an old Sunday School hymn which has touched me and guided me all the years I have lived.  It is so true.  If each one of us does even a little bit, what a nicer and happier place this earth would be.  Love is stronger than hate, a smile will bring hope and make somebody's day, a hand up may save the life of a person in despair.  We all can do something.

This sweater drive just shows what good people are capable of, even though they will never meet the folks who will benefit from the sweaters, but they are participating in an action which will improve the condition of hurting people.

.Thanks for dropping by. Have a great and productive day.

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