Sunday, October 13, 2013

Visit from Saba, Imaan and Isa

What a marvellous time we had!  The weather cooperated, the children were fantastic in their behaviour and it was so wonderful to be back in touch with my old friend Saba after 11 years of separation due to moving cities and even moving countries.   I moved cities and she moved countries.

I had only seen Isa, who is now 11 years old, as a tiny baby, and never met Imaan at all.  What a pleasure it was for me to spend time with the whole family.  Unfortunately, their Dad is out of the country right now so he could not be with us.

The children were absolutely excited about going on the city bus as they usually get driven everywhere.  Saba remarked on how polite everybody was on the bus and she was very taken with how very nice the drivers were.

They enjoyed the scenic route that the Aberdeen bus took and remarked on how pretty some of the houses were.  This was her first visit to Hamilton and she was very taken with the city.

Princess Point was our destination for the day so I bought a bus day pass and we went all over the place.  Princess Point first, then up to Sam Lawerance Park to take picture, then on to Limeridge Mall for supper.  It was so exciting for the children and both Saba and I enjoyed it as well.

I was asked not to put the children's pictures on Facebook so of course, I respected the mother's wish and did not do so.  Thus, here you will also only see nature pictures from this time.

What a wonderful day.

The leaf and the caterpillar

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The children were fascinated by the wild life there

A lady bug

The same caterpillar

Taken from the Sam Lawrence park on the mountain

Saba also noticed the difference between the mountain and the lower city and remarked on that.  She also noticed that it was cooler on the mountain.

We are hoping that we can have a sleepover at some point in December so that the children can see the holiday decorations and the little train.

Thanks for dropping by.

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