Thursday, October 10, 2013

Sweater Drive for Syrian refugees

I am so proud of St. Paul's Presbyterian Church here in Hamilton, who is donating two bags of sweaters towards this noble effort put on by the Lutheran Church.

I also would like to mention that I know a young mother here in Hamilton who is herself a newcomer to Canada and she will bring some sweaters from her four children which are gently used.  I have another young mother in Mississauga who is donating sweaters as well.  May God reward them for their generosity.  My club is also going to ask the staff if they have any sweaters that they could spare. Unfortunately, in the rules of the club, no soliciting of members is allowed.  I know that there are many generous souls there and they are very active in helping others by fund raising, working in a hospice, running etc. etc.  I may privately speak to people that I know if I think they may be able to help.

Thus far, from my end of this endeavour, friends who are Christian and Muslim have banded together to assist people in the refugee camps.

Together we can overcome adversity and show love and kindness to suffering people, no matter where they live in this hurting world.

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