Thursday, February 28, 2013

Forgotten article

I had sent in an article a few years ago to the Eastern Synod Lutheran newspaper about the similarities of Judaism,Christianity and Islam and have today found out that it has been accepted for publication for the Easter Edition.

It will also be  published in a secular newspaper here in Hamilton, I believe this month, and has been published several years ago in a Muslim newspaper.  It was originally a talk I gave to a ladies group here in Hamilton which was quite well received.

It has always been my aim to unite people and show common grounds in order to build solid relationships and understanding between peoples.

All newspapers have a large circulation so that it will reach many people and hopefully will build bridges between communities and faith groups.

Speaking of faith groups, tomorrow is the World Day of Prayer and the downtown churches will be having their service at the Anglican cathedral on James North. It starts at 12:15 but we organizers have to be there much earlier.  As always, I will be taking part in it. I am very comfortable doing that as public speaking is easy for me.

This has been a very busy week for me but very productive.  I must remember to remind some friends of it.

Thanks for dropping by and have a terrific day!

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