Saturday, March 2, 2013


Today, Saturday, is a day of waiting for me.  Why am I waiting?

My old television of ten years had a problem which even I could not solve!  The people and scenes in it were all squashed and distorted but I could still hear it and see it.  My son went on line and got a new television for me to be delivered via Canada Post.  It became a waiting game - stuck inside for several days....

Five days after the date it was supposed to be delivered, it finally arrived and I waited until my son could come over and set it up and remove the old one.  It was a very bulky and heavy one so I could not lift it without danger to myself.   It turned out that the digital box did not work with this newer model of t.v. so Ken took it back eventually to Cogeco who gave a more modern one suited to this newer television.  The idea was great and my son was wonderful but it was not possible to make the two work together.

Thus, the t.v. and the digital box are waiting for an expert hand to make them work together and that is the story of today's wait.  I talked to a very nice young man at Cogeco and he tried to fix it long distance but it did not work and there still was no signal.  He has arranged to have a technician come today.

That is why I am again waiting.....

Now for news of yesterday.  It was the World Day of Prayer and, as is usual, the downtown churches here in Hamilton held a joint service.  This year's programme was written by the women of France.  Ikt was about the "Stranger in our Midst."

It was very interesting as it talked about immigration and integration in France.

As one of the organizers, I had a speaking part and for most of it, I did fine but my eye skipped to a wrong line and I got the programme out of order.  Fortunately, the Rector (Pastor) got me back onto the proper line and everything went smoothly after that.

In all the years I have been doing this, this is my first slip-up.   I simply lost track of where we were in the set programme.  Thankfully, I have enough experience in public speaking to rise above this mishap and carry on.  If that had been in the earlier days, I would have been mortified.

This short term memory problem and my depth perception sure is causing me some troubles!

Ah well, such is life, one must carry on.

Now I shall continue with my "waiting game" and hope that it is in the morning rather than later in the day that Cogeco comes.

Thanks for dropping by.

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