Thursday, March 21, 2013

Not much going on right now

Today the sun is shining and hopefully it will warm up the weather outside!

For the second day of Spring, the coolness of the air leaves much to be desired.

Yesterday I went to my gem store to buy some amethyst gems to make a necklace, earrings and ring.  I love going there as Sam is extremely helpful.  I met his Mom and another relative yesterday who was visiting from England.  What lovely people.

His business is beginning to pick up as more and more people hear about his new shop.  I wish him well as he is a good family man and gives very good advice.

For more information on Sam's shop -  It is located on Locke St. S. here in Hamilton.

Today I plan to go for a haircut and work on my new creations once I return.

That's about all the news - I am not going to too many places when it is so cold outside - especially at night!

Soon there will be more exciting things to talk about when I can once again hike the trails, walk by the water and go different places.

I shall look forward to that.

Thanks for dropping by.

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