Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Some news

Had a great sleep last night and feel refreshed and ready to face the day.  When one is rested, it is amazing how one's energy level improves as well as one's mood.

With the news yesterday that I will need an operation to most likely replace the faulty lead and definitely replace the battery in the defibrillator that is inside me, it certainly affected my mood negatively.

It sounds like such a simple thing as compared to the original operation to insert this device after the Prolong QT syndrome caused me to go into cardiac arrest and die.

The procedure is routine and they will have a defibrillator in the room in case something goes wrong during the procedure.  There is also risk of having a stroke during this procedure.  All my papers are in order, my funeral is paid for, but I hope that there will be no problems as I love life and am blessed with so many friends and interesting things to do.

My problem is not with the operation itself - I have no choice but to have this if I want to continue to live.

Last time the anaesthetic did not work on me at all and I felt every cut they did and every stitch they took.  It was so painful - childbirth was less painful than that and that is no picnic either!

If the lead needs replacing, I will not be able to lift my arms above shoulder level for six weeks as the lead needs to  bond within the body.  At least I can type and do some other things that do not require strength.  I guess I will go back to using my reacher for that period of time as well as I will not be able to get things from the cupboards or hang things from the bathroom tub railing.

The doctor I saw yesterday assured me that it would not be as bad this time.  He was such a nice young fellow - from South America and his wife is expecting a baby (a dear little girl) the day before mybig party.

After my session at the hospital yesterday, I dropped into the Club to show one of the staff the rings I had made.  She wanted to purchase one for her Mom.  She picked out a lovely one and I hope that her Mom will love it.  Being there among people was  very comforting to me as I have been made so welcome there that it has become a home away from home for me.

Speaking of the Club, one of the banks had a function on Sunday there and filled the club with gorgeous tulips.  Yesterday they were fully opened and they were so elegant and so cheerful that it could not help but make a person smile and believe that Spring is just around the corner.They were everywhere in the Club on the main floor.

Unfortunately, I did not have my camera with me otherwise I would have taken some pictures of these wonderful harbingers of Spring.  Such elegance, such simplicity.

I may pop in today and hope that the tulips are still as gorgeous as they were yesterday and take some pictures.  It depends on what I need to do today.

Nothing else new really, longing for Spring-like weather and to walk by the water, see the deer, walk the trails and just commune with nature.  I think this will help me start writing poetry and short stories again.  I have been unable to write for a few months now.

Oh, I forgot to mention one thing.  I have been given the job as editor for a publication of English as a Second Language stories (ESL).  The Toronto District School Board will publish it. I have already done one story which I found very interesting, written by a 97 year old Chinese gentleman.

I am looking forward to getting them one by one.  I love to hear about others' life experiences as we can all learn from each other.

I have always had a heart for people from other cultures and have learned so much from them and to appreciate the wonderful things that other cultures bring.  We are so lucky in Canada to have people from all over the world live here.

On that note, thanks for dropping by and hopefully I may have a picture to show you next time.


Andreas Gripp said...

hoping for and wishing you all the best, Wilma ...

Wilma Seville said...

Thank you Andreas for your good wishes. I appreciate them.