Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hopefully a day of rest for me

These last few weeks, I have been just a little too busy and I feel very tired.  I plan to stay in today and do some housework which is badly overdue.

I tidy up as best as I can, wash floors and fixtures each day but when one is using one's sitting room as a work room and studio for taking photo shots, it gets very untidy. I had warned my friend Asma that the sitting room was filled with jewellery making things including tools and not to be shocked so she was prepared.

It was so good to see her after a long, long winter.  We went to the club for lunch and then went up to Limeridge Mall.  Asma had not been on a bus for a very, very long time as she drives. The Number 25 bus up to Limeridge is usually quite crowded so it was a different experience for her.

The mall has changed, I don't care for it any more.  It is becoming too big.The same happened to Yorkdale Mall in Toronto.  Once it became too large, I stopped going there.

I much prefer smaller shops where you can get to know the owner and know that the money you are spending there will help support their family.

After our looking around (didn't buy anything at all) we came back downtown and she left for home.

We were both so tired though and sleepy.

It was wonderful to spend time with my old pal from Toronto.  We have been close friends since around 1992 and her family is my family.

She will be coming to my party at the end of April and hopefully will come in the summer as well so we can spend some time by the water. I also want to show her Dundas.

I had planned to go to Lit Chat to hear Jean speak but was so exhausted that I sent an e-mail to the two Jennifers and Jean to tell them I would not be there.

The snow is falling very hard right now as I glance out the window.  It is all my fault, (joke, joke) as I washed my winter coat and put it away!  Very premature of me to do that.

A good day to stay indoors.

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a good day.

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