Friday, March 22, 2013


I finally found the time to go over to the School of Hairdressing to have my hair cut.  Susan did a splendid job and even styled it for me using a curling iron.

I may go back there just to have a wash and set when I need to go somewhere special.  She sure has a way with hair.

I popped into Rainbow Fashions to see if they had any fancy evening tops but they did not.  they mostly feature wedding gowns and dresses for bridesmaids I think.  She suggested that there is a stor e in Mapleview Mall in Burlington which carries a wide range of evening tops.  I will see if Mohammed can go with me as he knows how to get there.  I believe I can take a bus to Burlington from downtown Hamilton.  

Unfortunately, I did not ask her the store's name and it is a huge mall apparently.

I really don't relish wandering around a mall, looking for evening tops.  I'd rather go straight to the store, try on what I like and then buy it.  I don't really care for these huge malls, much prefer shopping in small stores with personal service.

Back to my haircutting experience, the lady who cut my hair and I had a wonderful chat and I enjoyed my time with her.  I have been going there for ten years now and have never had a bad haircut.

The teachers check their work and correct any tiny mistakes they may make.  I have met some very nice student hairdressers over the time I have been going there.

I have a friend who spends $175.00 on a haircut but that will never be me as it would affect my frugal nature too much.  It was less than $8.00 plus a nice tip for the extra things that she did for me.

I came out of their feeling much more tidy and my hair looked good.  I had to cover it with my pink hat as the snow was coming down thick and fast.  I did not go to Martini Night last night as none of my normal crowd would be there.  Diane and Dave will be back next week I think and Sam and Judy will be back in another week after that.  Hopefully then we will all get together and enjoy ourselves chatting away at the Club.

What with the snow whirling around yesterday during three sessions of time, I ask myself when will Spring come?

Today, I need to continue the editing job and also hope to visit a friend in the hospital.

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