Saturday, February 23, 2013

Saturday - a dull looking day

Ah, where is the sunshine today?  Has it hidden behind a cloud, waiting to surprise us?  Alas, it does not appear that there is even a tiny ray of sunshine available for today.

The grey weather seems to match my feelings at the moment but that will change.

Once I get busy, do some tidying up, and get organized for the day, things will be better.

Today, here in Ontario, it is a cheaper time to wash clothing so that will be on my agenda.  I do miss throwing in a load of clothing at any time but I do try and conserve energy.

My friend Norm may come and take some pictures of my jewellery for my jewellery blog and also for Shoplocket.    Speaking of jewellery, the order for a ring has arrived in Toronto and it fits the lady perfectly and she just loves it.  I am so pleased about that.  She thinks it is beautiful.  My daughter Anna also received her jewellery in Kitchener and loves it.  I made her some scarf pins and a ring as well.

I still have to fill an order for Bahrain but have lots of time to do that.

Now onto other things.  I had such a lovely time at my club on Friday - had a wonderful lunch and then read the papers for several hours.  I am so glad that I joined this club as I have made some new friends and have a place to hang out.  It is something I look forward to.  Four of my friends will be going away to warmer climates for a month and I shall miss them.  However, it will be good to hear all about their adventures when they return.  One of the gals went with another friend to Vietnam and Cambodia and it was fascinating to hear what she had to say.

I don't think there is anything else new - the winter seems to take a toll on people when it drags on.......

Thanks for dropping by and have a good day.

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