Friday, May 16, 2014

Cooking up a storm today!

I am in my economical mode again and decided to make a casserole dish to last for a few days of things I have at hand.

I made some noodles and also some Chinese noodles, steamed some vegetables (corn and peas), fried up onions, sweet red peppers and garlic, steamed some raisins, cut up some cheese chunks I had, fried up some breadcrumbs from a loaf of bread that was getting stale and I think that is all that is in it.

I could put a tin of canned chicken or tuna fish, but it is filling enough for me right now.

I had a bowl of it for lunch and I am stuffed and very satisfied.  I used some spices of course, but I do not over spice.

This afternoon I am meeting a friend in a local mall for a chat and then I suspect that will be it for today!

I only have two books left from the library so want to borrow some more as the library is closed on Monday.

Thanks for dropping by.

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