Saturday, May 24, 2014

Wouldn't it be nice?

Yesterday was a strange kind of day for me.  It was the day (2 p.m.) when I would get my new hearing aids.  I was looking forward to it so much as I hate not being able to hear people speaking to me or missing much of what is said in a group setting.

I walked up to Hunter where the Canadian Hearing Society has their office.  I remembered my water for my walker basket and I hid my purse within the plastic bag I use in it.  I found a short cut which made it easier to get there.  A big smile on my face, I entered the building with its big buttons to press to open the doors.  Both doors whined open  with a high pitch sound as I charged through them.

My walker and I fit nicely into the tiny elevator and they have labelled the companies working there so there is no mistake where one goes.  I had to wait a few minutes (I was early) for Shanni to see me.  Everything was going along perfectly.  She tested the aids while in my ears and I could hear the different ranges of sound which was wonderful. The new ones even have an antenna to pull them out.  I felt like ET!  I also practised putting in the batteries.  They are much easier than the old ones.

Things started to go awry when I realized that I had forgotten my doctor's letter and I had to go home to get it.  I trotted home, picked up the letter and searched for my old hearing aids as Shanni needed to check something on them.  Tossing things too and fro, I looked for the darn things but could not spend any more time.  The main thing was that I had the doctor's letter so I went back.  Then it was time to pay my share of it.  I used interac and we put the full amount in and it was refused.  As you can imagine, I was astonished as I knew that I had the money safely in my account.  Shanni told me that it might be above the limit that I am allowed to take out per day, so we tried $1,000 and that worked.

On Monday I will bring her a cheque for the remaining amount of money owed plus the old hearing aids for her to look at.

Just as I was digging for my keys to get into the main door at home, I saw a lady I knew slightly and she let me in. Right behind her was Andrew.  Imagine my surprise as I was not aware Andrew was coming today.

I was exhausted from all this running around so I went upstairs and tried to rest when there was a buzz from downstairs asking me if I wanted a visitor. When I opened my door, three people stepped in for a short visit.  It was Andrew, Rahel and the little one. It was good to see them  Little Lydia likes the cat but Boots sees her and hides under the bed!  It really is funny to see.

That morning, I had turned out drawers of my jewellery work and was in the midst of sorting things out and organizing it better, so obviously the place was not ready for company.  However, people come first in my book and we are close friends so I was glad to welcome them.

I will work on fixing up the jewellery making things today and go grocery shopping but in general, I hope to rest.  I tire very easily now which does not suit me at all!

Wouldn't it be nice if one remembered everything one needed to have with them?  Wouldn't it be nice if things ran smoothly all the time?

Ah, but that would be in a perfect world, and that is not where we live......

Thanks for dropping by.

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