Wednesday, May 21, 2014

What a splendid event it was

It was our annual Mother/Daughter event at church.  I was asked to open in prayer and we had Pastor Daniela as the guest speaker.  She did well, talked about Mary, the mother of Jesus.

We had the usual rhyming poems, hymns, birthday wishes for those born in this month but no business events as it was a fun evening.  We had many guests from other Lutheran churches come and had to put up two more tables.

The Hostess Committee outdid themselves with the refreshment - many tortes, cheesecake, and the list of choices were endless.  It is our last meeting for this season but the group is going to Cambridge for an outing in June.  In June the church picnic will be held as well and the ladies provide sweets to buy on that occasion.

I always sit at the back as I like to have an overview of things.  I was joined by some young people (almost teenagers) and some much younger women than me.  We had a good time chatting and laughing.  Kathy invited me to go with them in the car so I would not have to be out on the street by myself late at night.  It was a wonderful event.

Today, I have to go up to the hospital for some tests which I have been promising my doctor to do for about three months now.  This is my only free day this working week.

Tomorrow a bunch of us gals are going out on the bus to Burlington to visit Grace and Gary.  We are nervous about this as we have never taken the route before and the fellow who was supposed to be going with us, had to give a lecture so we are on our own.  Fortunately I called the Go Transit yesterday to find out how to do it.  It is quite complicated.  One takes the #18 Aldershot bus to the train station, then there takes a Burlington bus to their place.  The Go bus fare is $3.25 (senior fare) one way plus we will need to find out how much the Burlington bus fare is.

I found out that the Burlington bus fare is $3.25 as well.  However, the best news is that there is a Burlington No. 1 bus which picks up passengers outside of Jackson's Square.  I hope the girls will agree to take this much simpler way.

Thanks for dropping by.

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