Sunday, May 3, 2015

Seventy-two thousand dollars raised at Mohawk College Gala

What a wonderful event it was!  It was based on a western theme and people could wear western style types of clothing.Thus, I saw men in plaid shirts with Stetson hats, women with bandanas wrapped around their necks and many variations  of "western style dress."

I did not have western style clothing (read that as a cowboy hat)  so Kelly brought several for our table.  I wore one until dinner arrived.  Here is a shot.

Cowgirl Willie

The pledge card

Photos from the life of Mohawk College

Cowgirl Willie and new friend Nisha

Kelly's family.  What a great bunch they are.

Kelly picked me up at 4:30 and we made very good time as it was a Saturday and traffic was light.  GPS is so wonderful, it took us right to the very spot we needed to go!

Kelly was one of the organizers so I wondered around taking lots of snapshots of the room and outside.  Here are some.

In the foyer

In the foyer

An interesting piece of equipment

One of the many set tables for the gala

Items to bid on

The bandshell 
Since everything was so well organized by Linda and her family and of course, by Kelly, I was not needed to help with anything.  I wandered outside and viewed the wedding party which was going on just before the Mohawk event.  The ladies dresses were out of this world. Fantastic! I wish I could find such beautiful dresses in plus size in Hamilton.

 A very nice older lady sat down beside me on the bench and we started to talk.  Her dress was gorgeous and suited her lovely dark skin.  A very gracious lady.

I was talking to one of the flower girls and she was as cute as a button and looked adoreable in her fancy dress with a little parasol.

I digress, as usual, here are some shots of the garden at Michaelangelos.

One of the many flowers planted in pots

A statue on the grounds
A little outside sitting area

Some little flowers poking their heads above the ground!

A distance shot of an evergreen tree

A close up of an evergreen tree

The band was very good and people were dancing and enjoying themselves.  It was great to see how friendly and outgoing people were, especially at my table.

After 10 p.m., I began to feel quite tired, so Greg took me home which was very gracious of him.  I believe the party continued on for quite some time after I left.

A big success, in my opinion.

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