Sunday, May 31, 2015

An especially spiritually uplifting service today

Sixty years ago, St. John's came into existence in the down town Hamilton area.  It served German Lutherans who felt "at home" worshipping in their own language and with their own customs and traditions.  Many of the older members have been with the church since its very beginning.

Today, it is a mixed group of people from African to Chinese and, of course, people born into the second generation of German speaking people.  There continue to be services in German and English.

While it is predominately people from German speaking countries, it is a welcoming beacon of hope for newcomers to Hamilton and the country.

We will be sponsoring a Somali family (mother and children) who will arrive in Canada before too long.

The church was packed today to its full capacity with a visiting Pastor, Doug Reble, who is the Assistant to the Bishop, of the Eastern Synod who gave the sermon.  The choir and the brass band out did themselves.  After the service, everybody was invited to stay for refreshments which were piled high on the serving tables ensuring that nobody went away hungry!

Vegetable and fruit plates, cheese plates, various types of sandwiches, olives and pickles and, of course, the inevitable delicious tortes that the ladies make.

Next week will be another special event at Redeemer College where all the Hamilton Lutheran Churches will gather at 11 a.m. for a joint service and then for a meal.  Something to look forward to again.

It was a wonderful and happy occasion to meet and greet people from far away who returned for this event.

A most successful and uplifting Sunday.

Thanks for dropping by.

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