Thursday, June 4, 2015

A day full of contrasts

I was up bright and early this morning and managed to get some housework done before going on the bus for my two hospital appointments.   I hopped on the No. 23 as it came before the No. 24 this time.

That was a big mistake.  It went all over the mountain and I was miles from the hospital due to construction and road closures.  By this time, I was getting quite nervous as I don't know the mountain very well and although I had left plenty of time to arrive promptly for my appointments, this bus kept me on tender hooks wondering if I would ever find the hospital!

It turned out that the bus was not going near the hospital even though it used to and I would have to take a shuttle bus to connect with another bus which would take me there.  As you can imagine, with my very poor sense of direction and my problems with short term memory, I was in an agitated state by this time.  I considered staying on the bus and going back down town as I did not know where I was and then taking the Number 24 from down town and hope that it would take me to the hospital this time.

The bus driver was fabulous, he saw a regular passenger and asked him to show an older lady and myself where to get the shuttle bus.  The gentleman was so kind and somehow we both ended up where we needed to be.  I was lucky, the hospital took me for my two appointments in spite of my lateness.

I have to see my cardiologist at the hospital in two week's time but this time I will take DARTS as I will not go through that tension and stress again.  I hope that I will be lucky and get DARTS!

As you can imagine, I was so happy to get home and I went to bed for an hour or so, just to relax and calm my nerves down!

I got to the club for Martini night and most of our older group was there today so we all had a nice visit, then I joined my younger group where we were celebrating Olivia's birthday - 24 years of age.

What a joyful occasion that was.  I was so glad to be with them.  We had some nice food, some good conversation, some jokes and lots of laughter.  A perfect way to celebrate a young lady's birthday!

Greg was good enough to walk me home and he carried my bag for me plus a "going home" cupcake which I shall enjoy tomorrow.

An end to a day of real contrasts, from anxiety to joy, from uncertainty to enjoyment with a lovely group of people.

Tomorrow is the BBQ at Linda and Rick's place in the country and Kelly is so good to pick me up.

I am so spoiled and I appreciate all the kindness that people do.  I am blessed with good people in my life who make it like heaven on earth.

Thanks for dropping by.

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