Sunday, June 7, 2015

What a fabulous event I went to Friday night.

I was invited to go to a BBQ out in Binbrook and Kelly was kind enough to pick me up and bring me.
I have never been to  Binbrook before - it really is rural.

We were among the early arrivals as Kelly picked me up from work.  Chelsea (Greg's wife) and their three daughters were already there helping Linda prepare.  The young girls had gone swimming in the indoor pool and so they were refreshed.  They were so helpful to the guests.

The country side is very beautiful there.  I didn't take pictures of the people but rather some of the flowers and a gorgeous lamp from Turkey.

Linda's gorgeous flowers 
 There is a fountain there which is not presently hooked up but it must be very beautiful.
A close up of the same flowers

A view from the patio

The side walk up to the front door

The Turkish lamp

Linda and Rick did the BBQ as a thank you for the volunteers at the Mohawk Event which I went to a few weeks back.  They raised $80,000 up to this date.

I just loved their house.  I believe it was custom designed and was very spacious.

I was so thrilled to see some of the people I had sat with at that event and to have such a lovely chat with Olivia and to meet her special boyfriend.  I  really liked her young man and was glad that they care for each other. 

Lindsay, their other daughter,  brought her cute little puppy over - he was adorable and so tiny!

I forgot to take a picture of him - he was so tiny and cute.

We ate inside as the rain started to sprinkle but fortunately the BBQ work was almost done.

The guys did a very good job and the burgers were yummy.  

I am sure that nobody went away hungry from this event.

Greg drove me back to Hamilton and I got home a little before midnight.  

What a fabulous event it was and I enjoyed myself very much. Linda and Rick are great hosts and made everybody feel at home.

Thanks for dropping by.

I was fascinated by this lamp

A rural barn with corn growing.

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