Monday, June 22, 2015

Bibles and Bagels Retreat June 2015

A flower I liked

The greenery on the property
Waving goodbye to two of our friends 
Words really cannot explain what a wonderful weekend I had with the gals.  I shall try, though, to tell you about it with a combination of pictures and words so that you may share this great retreat we went on.

Once a year, our Bibles and Bagels group goes on a retreat to a cottage near Port Elgin and Southampton.  Three of our  members have cottages right on the lake.  The water stretches as far as the eye can see.

A view from the deck of one of the cottages

We have designated drivers and we share the expenses for the gas and the food costs.  Several of our group went a day earlier on Thursday but Janet, Christa and myself went at 1 p.m. Friday.  It worked out very well and everybody who needed a ride got one.  It was a smaller group this year due to sickness or other things that people had to do.  There still were nine of us who were there and we had a wonderful time.

Hanna and Waltraut were our hosts and we all managed to fit into their cottage for sleeping which was great.  Eight of us slept there and one of the gals went back to her own cottage which was very close by.

Two of our ladies amazed our group by going in swimming in the cold water.......  Needless to say, we all took pictures of that.  Here are some I took.  

Two very brave ladies in the water

After their swim

That was on our first day.  My hat is off to them!  It also was not a warm day out and the water was choppy but they enjoyed it.

Our swimmers - warming up by the wood stove

table set - ready to eat

For supper the first night I was there we had lovely lasagne  a yummy salad and garlic bread plus desert and herbal tea.

Yummy garlic bread

Much chatter, much laughter and good fellowship marked the whole weekend.  

Some of the ladies at supper

We had so much fun playing games, reading, and chatting that it was late before we got to bed.  The next day, I was in charge of the Bible Study and the group seemed to enjoy it.  After our study, we went in Southampton for lunch.  It was a very nice restaurant we went to.

At the restaurant in Southampton on the patio

After that we went shopping and we went to the bargain place and I got some new facecloths and a shower curtain, all good quality.

For supper, Hanna made some delicious grilled sandwiches which hit the spot.

Sunday morning, we went to Faith Lutheran Church in Port Elgin.  They are very friendly there and we go each year.

After a lunch of leftovers (planned overs actually), we departed for Hamilton and we got there about six p.m.  The traffic was light and we had no difficulty at all.

Here are some random shots I took.

This was our fun - waving two of our friends off to Hamilton.

A misty scene one of the morning - the sun came out and the weather warmed up.

All in all, a very happy time with good people, good food, and a spiritually uplifting event.

Thanks for dropping by.

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