Wednesday, November 7, 2012


My friend Jeff was kind enough to pick me up in his car to get to Dundas.  The buses on Sunday run only every hour.  I like Dundas very much and enjoy looking in the shops there. 

In Dundas, which is part of the larger Hamilton, parking is free on the streets on Sundays only so that made it perfect for guests and poets to park.

Carnegie Gallery has made many improvements and I like the new look.  It was a pleasure to read there.  It had a feeling of being light and airy which I particularly enjoyed.

I was quite amazed at the turn out and very pleased.  Many strangers were there and they seemed to enjoy the event.  What a pleasure to read one's work when it is appreciated!  I am sure that the other poets found that true as well.

My favourite artist was there - Janusz Wrobel and before I read my poem on his work, I asked him to stand up so that people would know who he was. I had spoken to him on the day I chose his picture to write on and he is a gentle, soft spoken person.
His wife also exhibits her work at Carnegie Gallery.  She does beautiful work with fabric and Jeff has written a poem about at least one of her exhibits in the past.

What a talented couple!

I could see Mr. Wrobel listening intently. His wonderful art work is called "Misty Woods" and so I titled my poem by the same name. It must wonderful if an artist knows that their work"talks" to a person.

My second poem was "Excuse Me Please" which is a poem about a true life situation which occurred in downtown Hamilton.  It had already been read on a Vancouver radio station a few months ago and several comments were made at that time.  One of the ladies, who is a professor, asked me to send it to her for her class and I did that yesterday.

This is the second time a professor had asked to share one of my poems with their students.  What an honour!

Refreshments were served and tea was supplied by a shop across the street which sells all kinds of teas.  I must pop in there next time I go to Dundas and see what she has for sale.

Here are some pictures from the event.

Jeff Seffinga

Misty Woods

me - taken by Jeff

I took many pictures of the poets but did not put them all on here.

All in all, a lovely and productive afternoon.  Thanks for dropping  by.


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