Sunday, November 18, 2012

A cane. slippery leaves and mud

Ah what a deceptive thing the sun can be as it shines through a pane of glass high up in the sky.  I was deceived by its warmth coming through to me as I worked around my small apartment.

Instead of putting a warmer hat,coat and boots on, I braved the elements in shoes, and a lighter coat and hat.When will I learn!

It was  a little wait for the No. 6 bus.  A young couple with their small baby was in the shelter.  The young man was sprawled on the seat with his two large feet up against the glass partition.  The young woman was at least seated more appropriately and they had their baby carriage in front of them.  Fortunately there was enough room for me to stand in the shelter as the wind was quite cold.

It is my guess that these young people might only be about 18 years of age if that!  I am amazed (in a negative way) about manners shown by the young.  In my youth, we had to stand up and give our seats to our elders. If our teachers came into our classroom, we had to stand for them as well.   It never hurt me to do that and it showed respect for our teachers and our elders.  Times sure have changed.

I have to say one good thing about them, they both paid attention to the child when she cried.  I was glad to see that. 

I stayed on the bus until we arrived at Princess Point and two  old fellows got off for a walk as well.

Here are some of the shots I took of familiar places.  November in Princess Point shows another side of it, doesn't it?

The entrance

Not much colour left

Bare trees and fallen leaves

It was quite chilly down there near the water but there were other brave souls out as well walking around.  Some even jogging.

A campfie which I have never noticed before. It was a little off the beaten trail.  I haven't sat around a campfire for so many years.  It is such a pleasant experience, especially if one sings and roasts marshmellows!

Some colour still
I found this a beautiful spot and enjoy it at all seasons except the winter, of course.

My special log where I sit, get ideas for poems and just enjoy nature

I took some more shots but am having trouble downloading them at this time.  This will give you an idea on how beautiful Princess Point is at any time of year.

Why did I title this little piece as I did?  You may well ask that question.  Some parts of the trail were muddy and filled with fallen leaves. My cane was a great help, but in some parts it was almost dangerous.  I did not go back the same way.  That is the reason for the title.  It was almost like walking on a slippery banana peel if you can imagine that.

Thanks for dropping by.  I hope you enjoyed your stay at Princess Point.  Hamilton has some wonderful places to visit.

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