Friday, November 9, 2012


I was just curious about how many people were looking at this blog so I checked the statistics and found that it had 22,185 pageviews.

To me, that is absolutely amazing.  This blog is about nothing in particular, just little things.  My other two blogs are about specifics, one is a writing and publishing blog which displays the work of writers that I know including myself on occasion.

The other one is about my handcrafted jewellery.  That reminds me, I will work on my medic alert necklace today as I want to make it a little more like a piece of jewellery.

I was thinking of adding some flat stone so that when I sleep, it will not bother me.  I will put a picture on the blog when I come up with a design.

One of my neighbours has asked me to repair one of her pieces of jewellery and I have said yes so that will keep my hand in.

I love designing just as I love writing.  I suspect one could say that I love creating!

I was chatting with my friend Svetlana in Holland via Skype.  The reception was fabulous and I could hear her well and see her.  She is such a lovely lady. When she was here visiting her grandmother the last time, I showed her how to make jewellery and she has become very involved in doing that.  I have showed both her and my daughter how to make jewellery and both seem to love creating jewellery.  It is a joy to share knowledge, isn't it?  I used to love it when my preschoolers in the school room would understand something and their little faces would light up.  English was not their first language and we had children from all ends of the earth in our class.  I miss the hugs!  I lived in Toronto at that time and as you most likely know, Toronto is a very large city with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. 

If only humans beings would remember that all of us have the same needs and live in harmony. In my opinion, if we look for the similarities of each other and accept our differences, this would make the world a better place for all people.

I just stopped to make myself a little pot of herbal tea so decided to take a picture and post it here.

I love the choice one has when it comes to herbal teas.  This one is made with a mixture of different flowers and berries.  Delicious!

herbal tea made from a variety of flowers
 Picture yourself here on this cold November day, gracefully sipping this delicious smelling tea. The smell wafting up to your nose and your mind, filling it with the wonders of nature's flowers and their scents.  Your sense of well being is magnified by the sound of classical music played softly in the background.

I thought you might enjoy seeing my Christmas cactus which has now started to flower.

Growing things is also such a pleasure for me. 
This little post has been odds and ends of things.  Hope you enjoyed your stay here and come back again when you have the time and the inclination.
I'm back again.  I just finished my new design for my medic alert necklace.

It makes a very long dangling necklace.  It can be worn inside a blouse or outside for show if you wish.
Thanks again for dropping by. 

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