Sunday, November 18, 2012


It was an amazing bazaar.  The weather was fantastic and people came in droves.  I don't think I have ever seen so many people come out as I did yesterday.

We ran out of chicken schnitzel and potato salad.  Some of the workers did not get lunch because of that.  However, the main thing is that money is raised to help others, not that we eat.

My job is to pour coffee which I do every year.  I enjoy that as I love talking to people.

Some people speak to me in German, some in English which I find great.  It refreshes my mind to remember my German.  Unless one uses a language on a regular basis, I find that it is difficult to speak the language.  I saw an example of that at the Club on Thursday night.  Some visiters from France were there and the wife and I talked in French.  I had to really struggle to remember my French and did not do such a good job of it. 

I really liked them and she has taken my e-mail address so hopefully when they get back to France, we can communicate.  She also speaks Arabic as her parents are from two different Arabic speaking countries.

I often think it would have been a good thing if Esperanto had taken hold in the world and it would be a common language for all peoples.  Perhaps so many misunderstandings would not happen and the average people could communicate with each other.  In my opinion, it is not the average person who wants war.

Ah well, back to the bazaar.  The ladies work so hard and there are two men who help with the heavy things.  It was a success and the next one will be near Mother's Day.

Thanks for dropping by and come back again when you have the time.

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