Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Valerie and Bob at the Club

We had a delightful afternoon and the afternoon just sped by.  We had so much in common which was great.

As usual, the staff were wonderful and it was a most enjoyable afternoon with good people.

Here are some shots.

Valerie and Bob

My hand must have shook - not a good shot of them

 In my favourite room in the club - 2nd floor.


Valerie and Bob enjoying their tea and light refreshments
We all had different types of teas

Valerie and I in front of the fire
I took them for a little tour of the club.  They admired the many fine pieces of art and the ambiance of the club. 

We talked on a variety of subjects which was nice and very enjoyable.

All in all, a fantastic afternoon!

Thanks for dropping by.

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