Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Kitchener and Hamilton Christmas decorations

I went up to see the "kids" yesterday and took a whole suitcase full of presents for them.

It was easier to carry them all in a rolling suitcase.  Bill, my son-in-law, met me at the Kitchener bus station and we had lunch there at the station.

It was a very pleasant ride, through countryside from Hamilton to Kitchener, and took an hour and a half.  Both ways, the drivers were very pleasant and helpful. 

I look forward to my visits to Kitchener, not only to see the "kids" but to see the countryside and to see what is new in Kitchener.  It sure is growing!  I have always liked Kitchener.

When we arrived at Bill and Anna's place, I took some shots of the foyer in their lovely apartment building.  It is so well kept up and if I lived in Kitchener, I would not mind living there as it is very well maintained plus each unit has a balcony!

 A corner view.  They make it so cozy, don't they?

In spite of the fact that Anna had the flu and was resting mostly in bed, we had a good time.  I made them pots of rosemary tea and also another pot of fennel with clove tea and they loved both!

Bill brought me downtown again and waited for the 4:30 bus with me.  It was a lovely visit, short but good.

In the winter I prefer taking the earlier bus home so it is not too late to get into Hamilton.

When I got back to my building, I saw that Marcel and Robert, had finished the decorating in this place.  They are true artists!

Here are some shots.

Part of the foyer between the two buildings which make up the complex.
Our lovely Christmas tree decorated by Marcel and Robert

Our mirror in one of the entrance hall

It is so nice to see all the decorations up again.  I always look forward to seeing the festive look to our building.  We will be having a Christmas get together on the 9th which I shall look forward to.

Thanks for dropping by and come back again, should you have the time.


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