Saturday, April 8, 2017

April 8th, 2017 - sick again

This is getting a little too much. I will be glad when the winter is over and I can get out more in the sunshine and fresh air.

This is my third bout of Norwalk virus this winter and each time it seems to last a little bit longer.  Thus far, it has lasted six days and today I am feeling quite abit better but not very strong.

I am steralizing everything with Javex and water that I touch to kill the virus so hopefully that will help.

I had to cancel my doctor's appointment as I was too contageous to go into her office full of sick people!

She is only in the office each Friday so will have to make another appointment.

Still waiting (now four weeks) for the cat scan at St. Joe's, but have done everything that the doctor has asked me to do so now it is just a waiting game to get the scan and the results and see a specialist and then go from there.

We will get a second opinion and if necessary I will have an operation but I am not fussy about that at all.

This getting older sure is not for the weak of heart!

So many dear friends have been praying for me specifically over the last few months and I do believe God answers prayer.

As a matter of fact, I am now able to eat almost like normal again and actually enjoy the food, my energy level is still low but is improving and my spirits remain high which is of the utmost importance.

My pastor wanted to come and visit me this week but I asked her not to as I did not want her to get this virus.  I really enjoy her visits and we get along very well indeed.  She is about the age of my daughter.

I don'tthink there is much else new, haven't gone anywhere or seen anybody.  Did chat on the phone but am mostly resting, reading and watching Netflick at this time.

My dear cat is a wonderful cat and thankfully she is fine.  My son went to get me some fruit which I could tolerate which also was a big help and my daughter calls every day so I am indeed blessed.

Have a great day and keep well.

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