Saturday, April 29, 2017

A nice event at the Hamilton Public Library

I had hopes to be on time for 12 noon, but I got an unexpected visitor which delayed my arrival time.

The good thing is that I arrived in time to here poet Jennifer Tan read her last poem which was well received.

It was a combined event, poetry (April is poetry month) and music which was lovely.

Both performers did well and I am sorry I missed most of the poet's work due to my unexpected visitor.

The singer-songwriter performer was Laura Keating at

She also has a facebook page at laura keating- musician - You Tube.

Our library system puts on many interesting events and most, if not all, are free to the public.

After the event, my friend Jennifer and I went to Toby's for lunch and then wandered around in the mall just to see the different stores and what they offer.

Today I am taking a break from going out and puttering around at home, trying to rearrange the kitchen to make it easier to use.  I like my new fridge, it is definitely smaller than the one I had before but still very nice.  I think it would be called an apartment size fridge.  I have a friend who has one exactly the same and she and her husband use it for storing beverages from what I understand.  It is enough for one person but definitely not enough space for a family.

Have a good day and enjoy your day.

Thanks for dropping by.

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